Green Initiatives

Implementing green standards at Montessori Academy has been a great opportunity to reduce current environmental impact, but more importantly, to shape the behavior of future generations in respecting and honoring the world they must sustain and protect.

As certified by the City of Batavia Environmental Commission, Montessori Academy has been recognized as showing a continued commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Some of the requirements set by the Green Business Certification Program include:

  • Reducing solid waste disposal and promoting recycling.
  • Efficiently using energy and water.
  • Purchasing products that are less harmful to human health and the environment.
  • Minimizing pollution contributions to the Fox Valley Watershed.
  • Helping improve indoor air quality and reducing outdoor smog formation.
  • Educating customers, employees and other businesses about green business practices.


Some activities specific to Montessori Academy include a composting program, a commitment to using recycled and earth friendly products, HVAC and office energy efficiency and many more.